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I’d like to start off by apologizing for how basic this web site looks. I’m not a web designer and I’m a student. I don’t have much time to be working on the site because of school, work, and ROTC. The important part of the site is the contact page, and that has all the necessary information. When I get free time (never), I’ll try to make this page look prettier (although, my motto has always been ‘function over fashion’).

I am a 21 year old DJ, filmmaker, and tech enthusiast from the Los Angeles area. I have been working with tech since I was young and have developed a love for it. I co-own a media production company and I have won awards for my work.

DJing pre-show for a crowd of 3,000+ for the BSA Centennial Council Jamboree

I was tech director for Filmmaking Central Live at the NAB Show 2011 in Las Vegas, NV

I was featured in an article on FilmmakingCentral.com

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